No matter what field you’re in, business owners and freelancers alike all spend an inordinate amount of time trying to answer one question: how can I be more productive? We want to get the most work done and the highest result with the least amount of effort. We want to reduce stress and find the quickest, easiest ways to accomplish our goals. Many business people around the world have figured out a simple answer to these problems: coworking. The trend of renting shared office space with others is becoming more and more popular as people find it increases creativity, efficiency and productivity, too.

  1. Creative Collaboration
  2. Freedom from Corporate Structures
  3. Networking and Interaction
  4. Work/Life Balance

Coworking spaces are full of creative and innovative freelancers, small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs who may not be in the same trade as you but have the same overall goals. By being in such close proximity with other businesspeople, you can find a boost in your inspiration and creative processes. Being inspired by the successes and dreams of others allows us to push through when we are struggling.

You can reach out to this community for advice and empowerment as you are likely to find people further ahead in their careers than you. You have the ability to brainstorm and share ideas which would be difficult for someone working from home. “Observing others and how they overcome obstacles will increase drive, creativity, and overall productivity.”1

Coworking spaces are not like a corporate office space. They differ in many ways:

  • Everyone around you is there because they sought out this environment. They are goal-oriented, not paycheck oriented. The latter type of person can be toxic to productivity.
  • There is no competition or inter-company politics to distract and discourage you. Everyone is working for a common goal.
  • Because you will meet different kinds of people, you will constantly have to tell people what you do. This can help build your brand identity and make what you do seem more distinctive. If you know what you’re about, your productivity will rise.
  • There are fewer corporate expectations; you have the benefits and freedoms of working from home without having to work from home. You can dress more casually, arrive and leave whenever you like and take breaks whenever you like. At the same time, you’ll be discouraged from slacking off as you’ll have a community around you to inspire you.
  • Most coworking spaces are open 24/7, so if inspiration strikes and you want to go to work at 3am, you can!

Once you find yourself surrounded with people like you - after creative and productive achievement - but who aren’t competitors, you’ve found a new networking pool. Coworking environments are full of people with varying skillsets and experiences. By networking those in your coworking space you can outsource and therefore focus on your strengths. You can learn new skills and increase your productivity. Or you can build referral relationships and give your business a boost.

When you start a business or begin freelancing, you may initially start working from home. This can put a strain on your personal life, make you feel trapped and claustrophobic and disrupt your ability to focus. It has been proven that having a space for work and a separate space for living is integral to productivity.

Coworking spaces allow for just that. Without having to spend large amounts of money renting office space and furniture, you’re able to have a place to work that is meant just for work. Everyone around you is fixated on success and many coworking environments have quiet spaces, exercise and yoga areas and more which allow you to clear your mind and stay productive all day.

Photo by: Yutaka Fujiki