Keeping up high productivity is a challenge for a freelancer. There are those days that energy levels are so low that all you want to do is stay in bed, which can be very tempting as you are your own boss. On other days you will make numerous trips to the coffee machine to keep going. Indeed, caffeine is in the starter pack for many freelancers. However, you can stay energetic by being friendly to your body and adopting healthy energy boosting habits.


Staying hydrated keeps your blood sugar circulating more efficiently providing energy to all parts of the body. Your brain needs a lot of water and oxygen to keep functioning at optimal levels. Many freelancers will swear by the coffee machine. A dose of caffeine is only good in the short term. Your energy level will spike and then crash in a short period making you crave more caffeine and eventually making you dependent. Water is a better bet. It flushes your body toxins and helps keep your body oxygenated.


Working non-stop is less productive in the long run. Your energy levels get sapped and you lose concentration. Taking 5-15 minute breaks is necessary after every 45-60 minutes of continuous work. You could set your timer to after every 30-45 minutes. Learn to push non-stop when the timer is running but religiously take the breaks. Take your mind off the tasks at hand by walking around, doing stretches or just taking in the sights. Hydrate during these breaks.


Sometimes the coffee is just not enough to keep your eyelids open especially after a heavy meal. Learn to take power naps. Sleeping for 10-30 minutes has been shown to rest the brain and lead to more productivity after the nap. You should also cultivate a good sleeping habit. You need 4-6 hours of sleep daily. Lack of adequate sleep leads to a sleep debt which means your eyes will be drooping the next day. Avoid the freelancer’s habit of pushing hard in the hope that you will compensate by sleeping the whole next day. A nap during break time is more useful.

Eating right

Your meals determine your blood sugar levels and energy. Refined carbs rich in sugar like muffins are good for momentary energy spikes which are followed by crashes. This saps your energy levels and affects your moods. Learn to take whole fruits for snacks and more proteins which release energy in a more stable fashion keeping your energy levels optimum through the day.


Exercise relieves tension in the back muscles and helps kick up blood circulation. You can do simple exercise during breaks like jumping jacks or jogging on the spot.

Picture by woodleywonderworks