Coworking involves individuals who are self-employed or freelancing sharing an office space, but also equipment, ideas, knowledge and encouragement. Coworking has been cited to have numerous benefits to workflow and productivity, but one of the most noticeable benefits that workers notice right away is its ability to reduce stress. If you are considering coworking for yourself, let’s take a look at some of the stress-relief benefits to this new trend.

Less Isolation from Other People

Being alone all day long can be tiring and difficulty. As humans, we require interaction with others to keep us grounded and bounce ideas off of. Working from home or from cafes can often build stress simply because we spend so much time alone and have no one to talk to. Creativity is usually stifled when we work alone for long periods of time. With coworking, there are other like-minded individuals around you that you can choose to talk to or not. Some spaces have weekly meetings where you can present and discuss your ideas. This interaction does wonders for decreasing stress.

Less Money Spent on Space and Supplies

Many people choose to rent office spaces or move to homes with a second bedroom that they can convert into an office. While understandable if you are trying to build a business, coworking is a much cheaper option that allows you to reach the same ends. A small desk space in an open room can be much cheaper but provide a similar amount of space. There is also furniture and the price of electricity that is grouped into the larger price and typically comes to less than you would have spent on your own.

More Collaboration Between Members

Starting a business or striking out on your own as a freelancer can be emotionally exhaustin. It’s a trying time on your stress levels as you constantly worry about finances, strategy, projects and your own ability to make it work. Coworking is fantastic because you have people around you cheering you on. If you were working colleagues within one business, there is an obligation to do well that can increase stress. Other members of the coworking environment are not dependent on you for anything aside from emotional support. “The flexible group environment created by co-working is helping to transform and improve the startup experience by creating a feeling of interaction and increased productivity.”1

Mobility and Freedom to Move

Coworking is a great option for people who may want to travel. If you move to a new city, you are likely to find a coworking environment there as well. This reduces the stress of having to find a good office space to rent or a dwelling that has room for a home office.

Stress-Relieving Features of Coworking Spaces

Coworking environments were designed to lower your stress levels. Many spaces have yoga, meditation and exercise clubs available. The ability to form a workout routine with others and not be judged if you take a break to meditate can do wonders for your peace of mind. Some also have nap rooms or quiet rooms that you can use to recharge. Designers of these spaces understand that all-nighters and “powering through” is unhealthy and terrible for stress levels. The workplace expectations are eliminated with coworking environments. If the desk and chair set up doesn’t do it for you, try a hammock, beanbag or standing desk.

While you may feel more comfortable and in control at home working at your kitchen table, the stressors that come with this set up are undeniable. Coworking environments are designed to help you balance your work life to create a healthy and stress-free environment for you to reach your goals.

Photo by: Francesco