A coworking space allows for many individuals to work in a flexible shared environment where they can engage in the community of members or work independently. The chosen space is important for achieving that goal as well as fostering a creative and productive environment. Here are 6 factors to consider when selecting a coworking space.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like anything, you want the most value out of your coworking space. This means paying for what you get and nothing more. Coworking spaces have been increasing in popularity year after year so some can get expensive. But keep in mind that coworking spaces are meant to foster growth and creativity, not cost you an arm and a leg. Look at the benefits you get from each space and whether you believe you will actually benefit from them. Uncover any hidden fees or charges to the space before signing a lease.

What Kinds of Amenities Does it Offer?

Consider what is important to you and rent a space that matches your hopes and expectations. Amenities can add fun and depth to your experience in a coworking space. IF you do the math, some may even save you money in the long run. Maybe it’s important you have snacks and coffee available? Having them included may save you having to buy these things yourself. Think about if the amenities available will increase productivity or just go to waste.

What Is the Community Like?

The key to any business growth is networking. The best coworking spaces offer a range of connections for freelancers, technology driven people, creative types and more. Don’t just look at cultures with people similar to you but with people who may challenge and complement your goals. You want new ideas and perspective as well as like-minded ones.

Will You Be Productive Here?

Even with the community and amenities, productivity is the number one factor. Look at things like the noise level and how much natural light comes in. Some people need some ambient noise to focus and some need silence. Can you play the music you need to work or will it bother other members? Are the walls soundproof? Don’t sacrifice amenities and features for the things that really matter.

Is This a Place Where You Can Grow?

Look into the future. What if your team grows and you need more desks? What if you add a new division or department and they need a space to meet? If you’re a small business now, make sure to find a place that is not too large but has room for you to be able to expand if you need to. You don’t want to have to move to a new building every time you want to expand.

Is It Located in a Place That is Ideal For Your Niche?

Your space should be close to home and close to where your clients are. You would hate to land a meeting with a huge prospective client and find them inconvenienced when they have to drive miles and miles to meet with you. There are coworking spaces in all kinds of cities and the right one should give the best first impression, from the street to the office.

Photo: Manuel Schmalstieg