How many times have you heard someone say that? How many time have you said that?

What if we told you that you’re right. Your commute is killing you. Literally.

According to the newspaper Le Temps, about 12% Swiss workers commute almost 2 hours each day. That is over one day a week spent in transport going to work. Have you ever stopped to think what the time in the transport is doing to your body, other than giving you an actual pain in your backside? Turns out, commuting is more than just an annoying waste of time: It is hazardous to your health.

It turns out your body pays a toll as you sit in traffic. Commuting results in blood pressure spikes, blood sugar spikes, and higher cholesterol according to a study done by University School of Medicine in St. Louis that was published by The American Journal of Preventative Medicine. All of these factors can lead to a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. People who commute also have higher levels of anxiety and depression, as well as sleep that suffers and declines in amount and quality. And then yes, there is the literal pain in the back. Chronic commuters suffer a significant increase of back, neck, and leg pain that often requires intervention in some kind of medical field.

But what is one to do? Commuting is the necessary evil for gainful employment. Right?


Coworking is an open work environment that brings your work space to you. Stop fighting in traffic and start getting your work done in a healthy environment that ends your need for commuting. Coworking communities are popping up all over the world and changing the way companies look at work space. The collaborative nature of coworking leads to higher satisfaction in your work and less time on the road.

Your body, and your boss, will thank you.

Picture: Kevin Utting