Your coworking space should be the perfect place for you and your fellow members to be productive and innovative, either in groups or individually. You can facilitate all of that by taking advantage of some of the most popular design trends in coworking spaces that can make members happier and more productive.

Minimize Clutter

A good work environment cuts back on annoying clutter, one of the most important and common being wires. All of the electronic devices you may have come with an insane amount of ugly wires. Mixed with paperwork and personal items, a desk can easily become extremely disorganized. Try finding creative ways to add storage and conceal wires in order to achieve a more clean and simple look and feel.

Get in Touch with Nature

While many coworking spaces focus on innovation and technology, some of the best include a more natural and unfinished element in their design. These can include:

  • Reclaimed wood panels
  • Exposed concrete floor
  • Soft floral patterns
  • Artwork based in the outdoors
  • Real potted plants and flowers

Incorporating nature into the space allows for a more relaxed and less sterile feel for people to come into contact with every day.

Offer Tons of Choices

Coworking spaces are all about multipurpose. One of the biggest things that set coworking spaces apart is the fact that there are multiple spaces designed differently for different types of activities. Instead of cubicles or assigned desks, have benches, multimedia areas, break areas, oval desks for group meetings, standing desks for standing meetings and more. Creativity can be stifled if workers feel like they can’t relocate if they get stuck on an idea. It’s also important to have spaces for individual work as well as group work.

Color Organization

One of the strongest ways to organize the work environment into designated space is by use of color. Color has been proven to have a strong psychological effect and even help people to be more productive and creative.

Vary Up the Textures

One of the most important factors in designing a coworking space, as previously stated, is variety. Not only variety in type of space and in colors, but in textures as well. If everything has the same feel, it’s easy for the space to feel flat and one dimensional. By incorporating new and different textures here and there, you are adding a bold and original feel to the space which can boost inspiration.


Nothing about your design has to be set in stone. More than ever it’s popular for furniture to be on wheels or easy to move mats so that if you feel it’s time for a change or if your team grows, you can move things around to accommodate the changes. There should be many combinations and new layouts you can make with modular components, capable of moving, stacking and mixing.

Open Space

Most traditional offices tend to feel tight and enclosed. Think rows and rows of cubicles. Make sure that no matter what elements you choose to utilize, you include open space for people to move around. They should be able to congregate at designated meeting areas, but if they want private and personal space to work, they should have that too. Avoid placing work spaces too close together which can make workers feel suffocated.