With the growth of technology happening very quickly , many jobs have gotten easier to run and operate. More people are working away from the office or job location now than ever before, people like salesmen and at home techs have made their living by working remotely for their company. Remote working has benefits for both the employer and the employee, but for different reasons. By looking into what remote working entails, one could see why many have chosen this work style, as remote working has many potential benefits.

For The Employer

For the employer, remote working could be a great thing. For those working from home, also known as telecommuters, employers can benefit just as much as the employees can. Telecommuting can increase productivity, which means better business for the employer. While some may think that employees working from home may lead to a decrease of effort, the exact opposite is actually true. A Stanford study found that employees who work in call centers increased their efficiency by 15% when working from home. The study was posted in the Oxford Journal, which can be found at http://qje.oxfordjournals.org/. The study highlights that productivity rose with more work from home employees, or “remote workers”, due to a decrease in call offs and breaks, and it also pointed out that the job was more convenient for the employee since they were working from home. Finally, remote workers usually cost less to employ than regular employees, as companies can eliminate rent and property costs if they choose to have their employees work from the home.

For The Employee

There are many potential benefits for the employee, if they choose to work from home. For one, the convenience factor is huge, since many people find their jobs easier and more accessible if they can be completed at home. No worries of getting gas or making it to work on time, if they are able to work from home, the job may run smoother. Remote workers are usually less stressed, as they are able to complete their job without being interrupted by their surroundings. This will not only increase the employee’s mood, but it may also allow for jobs to be completed at a quicker rate than they would be completed at a standard job. Remote workers are working smarter and not harder, which means their efficiency levels may rise due to working from home.

What About CoWorking?

For people who would like to be remote workers, but would like to work with someone, coworking is a good option. Coworking allows people to enjoy the same benefits of remote working, but now they do not need to do their work from home alone. Coworking is great for people who want to enjoy the privilege of working on their own terms and schedule, but who do not want to be completely independent on the job.

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