Make Sure Your Space Reflects Your Goals

Brand identity and message are essential to any business, no matter where it’s located. Many corporate offices are stark and bare as employees are expected to complete assigned tasks and do little else. But coworking spaces are about growth, creativity and inspiration. You want to know exactly what your goals are and what your priorities are at all times. Keep reminders of your company’s identity within the space. Allow yourself to build on consistent values and philosophies by keeping them top of mind. If potential clients come to call, they will see these things as well.

Interior design and furnishings can help you accomplish the way you want your workflow to operate. It can affect moods and attitudes and open up the space for conversation and collaboration. If you have a team working with you, consider a mixture of:

  • Temporary work areas that can be moved around
  • Permanent desks
  • Brainstorming areas
  • Private team areas for meetings
  • Quiet areas for contemplation and strategic thinking

If it’s just you in the space, you have all the freedom in the world to arrange and rearrange things how you see fit.

Take Advantage of the Community

Coworking spaces are built upon the social mission of inspiring and working creatively with others. You will meet people who work for a variation of companies, ventures and projects. These are all people you can learn from and network with. Make an effort to reach out and make connections. Participate in group activities and meetings where members share ideas and ask questions.

This community environment also allows for great ways to save time and money. Learn about new apps, resources and best practices from others. Not only will you be inspired by others and benefit from their advice, but you can build referral partnerships and maybe even find outsourcing opportunities. You may find that the web designer or PR director you were looking for for weeks works right down the hall. There is no competition, merely the desire to see others succeed along with you.

Don’t Give In to Working From Home

Now that you have a designated workspace, leave work at work. Many people who make the change from working-from-home to coworking environments are still tempted to pull out their laptop at the dinner table. Resist! If you have the inspiration to work, get dressed and go to to work. If you feel like you need a day off to recharge, don’t go to work and slack off, but stay home. Create rules and boundaries for yourself - and then follow them.

Take Advantage of the Productivity-Building Features

The coworking environment is often much more free and creative a place than corporate offices. You have the ability to design and move things around however you like. You can set up beanbag chairs or an arcade machine. You can dress how you like and work at your own schedule. By allowing creativity and freedom to motivate you, you worry less about conforming to what you believe others expect from you.

Photo by: Germanoparra